Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yeah, I Went There(unpopular comic opinions)

I respect Stan Lee's contributions and influence on comic books but to be honest with you, I don't like most of what I read of his work. That is right, I'd much rather read Bob Haney, John Broome, Gardner Fox, and other silver age writers.

I prefer DCs silver age comics to what I've read from Marvel. Yes, Marvel added more characterization and culture to the titles, but at the same time it makes the titles feel a little more dated to me. Where as going into silver age Superman, you know it's written for kids and to be simple and fun.

Most superhero comics being produced today are ghost written by Alan Moore and Frank Miller. By that I mean, it feels like many writers want that level of acclaim ofr their books. Doesn't mean they're bad, it just gets tiring after a while.

I don't like Daredevil and I'm "meh" on Wolverine and Spider-Man.

I think the characters in the Fantastic 4 are either annoying or boring.

Luke Cage was cooler in the 70s.

Grant Morrison wrote the best X-Men stories since right after Paul Smith left Uncanny X-Men.

I think Crisis on Infinite Earths is rather boring. Same with Teen Titans: the Judas Contract. Maybe I just don't care for Marv Wolfman.

Emma Frost+Cyclops > Jean Grey+Cyclops

Brian Bendis doesn't do a thing for me. I'm basing this on the first ultimate Spider-Man trade, a year of New Avengers, House of M, Ultimate X-Men run, and a few random issues of Daredevil.

I think Ed Brubakers a fine writer, but because my tastes for superhero comics usually warrants more "fun" and "escapist" style stories I don't follow his work. It's just too serious, grim and gritty for me. I have almost the same opinion on Warren Ellis. But Nextwaves cool.

Grant Morrison is the best writer working in comics right now as far as I'm concerned.

JH Williams III and Frank Quitely are my favorite artists. Possibly ever.

Jack Kirbys still better than 99.5% of artists working in comics today. Doesn't matter which era of Kirby. Hell, his Green Arrow work surpass' anything done since the books relaunch.

Brad Meltzer writes good comics. And Identity Crisis was fine. Yes, I know, I prefer "sunny" superhero comics but I really liked that mini-series. And for the record, I loved the Giffen/DeMatties Justice League stuff.

Justice Society of America(JSA) is Geoff Johns best work.

Comics would downright suck without Vertigo.

Crazy Frank Millers worst works are still better then most level headed writers best work. Or at least more entertaining.

DC: the New Frontier is better than Watchman and Dark Knight Returns.

I do not care for Greg Land or the Luna Bros. I think David Finch and Steve McNiven are quality artists but i wouldn't buy a book on their name alone.

Marvels best artist right now is Ruanways co-creator Adrian Alphona.

When it comes to art my opinion goes like this Pop/experimental(Williams, Quietly, etc.) > Animated(Marcos Martin, Darwyn Cooke, etc.) > Superhero(Jim Lee, Jack Kirby, etc.) > Indy(Becky Cloonan, Jim Rugg, etc.) > Photo-Realistic(insert name here).

Wonder Woman is the coolest female superhero. Ever.

My favorite era of Marvel comics was the 70s to the mid-80s.

That's it... so tell me how wrong I am.

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