Thursday, September 2, 2010

Whats In My August Box of Comics

This is what I got, and here is the anticipation factor before reading.

Serenity Rose Vol. 2: goodbye Crestfallen-Way back, like half a decade ago, I bought this cool series from SLG. Than it disappeared and the guy did some whack stuff for DC imprints. Then serialized the sequel on a website I, for some reason, had trouble loading but I noticed a shift in his character designs. Missed the first solicit for this collection but now i have it. Am I excited? Uuuuuuuuuugh... by the way, this thing is really thin for 20 bucks. Luckily I don't pay full price.

Naoki Urasawa's 20th century Boys Vol. 10-Read this online already. Good, tense, volume with Kyoko meeting our current hero Kanna and more background on the mysterious Friend. Buy this.

Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love TPB-Collecting a mini series spin off from the best mainstream 'alternative' comic out there. Anticipation is building.

X-factor: Second Coming-Currently the Marvel title I've been following the longest. In trades. Always good, sometimes great, but my anticipation is always cool. Not on the top of my pile but not on the bottom. Also, 4 stories and looks to be less than 100 pages. All for 20 bucks? I know its hardcover but other volumes have had 5-6 issues and cost the same with hardcover. Marvel, handle that shit.

Hack/Slash Omnibus Volume 1-Image needs to work on their scheduling. This was suppose to be out in June and Volume 2 out in July. Yeah... Still, nice size book for a good price and I've heard good things. Always interested and it'll be first to be read.

Wonder Woman #602-Uuuuugh... Yeah... Still not sure about this.

Tiny Titans #31-Awww yea.

Fables #97-Rose Red sleeps with her sisters husband. I'm guessing. Looking forward to reading the issue.

Batman #702-Missing chapters. Fun but wheres the other better, Morrison Bat Books? None came out in July?

Zatanna #4-Might be my new fav superhero comic.

X-Men #2-New series, same ridiculousness. Vampires. Kinda curious though.

Birds of Prey #4-3 issues in and not quite capturing the enjoyment I had with Simone's first go around with this title. You know, before they canceled it because she left and it started to suck. Still, I'll give her sometime because I do enjoy these characters.

Morning Glories #1-Heard good things. Very interested.

Murderland #1-Chance pick on my order. Haven't heard anything.

Nancy in Hell 1-This looks bad. the good kind of bad.

Gotham City Sirens #15-Quality is all over the place so I dropped it. But I will read this issue, and any others I get, before my cancellation went into effect. Doesn't help Dini seems gone and Guillerm march is on and off as artist

Shuddertown #4-Don't care. Canceled.

Hellcyon #3-Don't care either. its obvious why superhero books sell best. Their a safety blanket from the unknown.


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