Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tentative Mail Order Comics Order For September

PREVIEWS #266 NOVEMBER 2010 (Net)-Free with an order over $150.

BATMAN INC #1-Grant Morrisons NEW Batman title about the "franchising" of the Batman mythos. Or something like that...

BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT #1-Artist David Finch writes and draws this one. I'm giving it a chance because his arts nice. Though he's one of those artists who seems to give his characters only three expressions. Angry, happy, and bored. Maybe there's an unimpressed and amused somewhere.

BATWOMAN #0-Preview of the new series NOT WRITTEN BY GREG RUCKA! However JH Williams who drew those wonderful issues stays on and becomes co-writer with sopme guy i never heard of. He is also one of the two main artists(he is kind of slow). The other artist, Amy Reeder, is good.

BATMAN AND ROBIN #17-New creative team. I'll give you a chance.

KNIGHT & SQUIRE #2 (OF 6)-No comment yet.

BIRDS OF PREY #6-Issue 4 has made me happy after being a little underwhelmed with the previous 3 issues. lets hope the momentum builds.

WONDER WOMAN #605-Um... Er... maybe I'll cut this.

GREEN LANTERN #60-No issue in my recent box, annoying.

TEEN TITANS #89-I've read nothing but TERRIBLE REVIEWS for JT Krull. Admittedly, that was all for a single project. But hey, Ravager and Nicola Scott. Giving it a try but getting more and more antsy about it. maybe I just should have skipped this new creative team.



FABLES TP VOL 14 WITCHES-Collecting issues I already read. Everything's been slow building to issue #100 though.

MORNING GLORIES #4-Issue 1 was good.

NANCY IN HELL #4 (OF 4)-Issue 1 was silly fun.

SPIDER-GIRL #1-Formerly Arana, a book I did read, is now Spider-Girl. or the Latino Spider-Girl if you will.

AVENGERS CHILDRENS CRUSADE #3 (OF 9)-Issue 1 was pretty good.

X-MEN #5-Issue 2, was amusing after issue 1 was lackluster. Maybe issue 3 will be good and than issue 4 will be great.

DEADPOOLMAX #2-No comment yet.

CAPTAIN AMERICA BY JACK KIRBY OMNIBUS HC-Big as murder book collecting Jack Kirby's return to the character he co-created with ridiculous stories. oh yeah, sounds like crazy fun.

DEADPOOL HC WADE WILSONS WAR-I just need more Deadpool in my life. I've fought it for a while but now I'm breaking down and going into withdrawals.

LADY DEATH ORIGINS TP VOL 01-Random purchase. possibly cut. I don't ever remembering reading a Lady Death comic in my years of reading comics.

TAROT WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE TP VOL 01 REMASTERED ED-Because without bad taste I'd have no taste at all.

TAROT WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE #65-The only American made female centric comic to have 10 years of creative consistency. That's hilarious.

VAMPIRELLA #1-I like Vampy. Wonder which cover they'll ship me. Hopefully not that Alex Ross take-off of the Frank Frazzetti cover that introduced the character. i don't mind homages but he just drew her backside.


CEREAL GEEK MAGAZINE #6-Talks about 80s cartoons.

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