Tuesday, April 13, 2010

March Favorites 2010

Back with my fav comic releases of the month and kicking off with a bad month.

4. First Wave #1-Good first issue. Plus its always a blast to have Rags Morales doing art.

3. Spin Angels HC-Good looking action comic. Bit confusing to someone whose not up on any Catholicism.

2. Gotham City Sirens #10-Usually only buy for Guillem March but artist Andres Guinaldo steps in and Paul Dini turns in probably his best script thus far though Scott Lobdell still wrote the best issue. Both starring Riddler which makes me think they should just give him his own detective series.

1. Batman & Robin #10-Fun, fun, fun.

That's it. Despite a big package lots of pretty books but most I doubt I'll ever look at again.

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