Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kick Ass Brief Review

Kick ass is a fun film. Its entertaining, at times funny, and the action scenes are good. I could definitely say I'd rewatch this one on DVD.

The problem? It pussies out when it comes to "realism." It is not a realistic superhero flick in the least. It talks about fanboy fantasies and than indulges in them. I'm not going to mention any sort of scenes but I'm sure just watching the previews you can tell this is not a realistic film. I mean, I never read the comic but I got the impression that the creators were doing what would really happen if superheroes existed. I also don't see this being any sort of game changer in the world superhero movies.

Minor complaint really. But overall enjoyable.

Marvel remains top dog as far as superhero movies goes(yet DC's Batman continues being the biggest and baddest hero of all mediums from comics, TV, video games and movies) and I don't see that changing any time soon. I plan to write up a long rant about that sooner or later.

Edit: I wanna add, enjoyed Nic Cage a lot in this flick. And Hit Girl was indeed awesome.

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