Sunday, April 18, 2010

Carl Towns Classic Movies April Selections: Evil Dead Trilogy

My name is Carl Towns, and I'm here to present you in the finest... well... maybe not the finest-okay, sometimes the finest. No, screw it, the coolest or most noteworthy-yeah, that's it!

I forgot I was doing this. So in honor of the fact I'm actually watching the movies right now, Evil Dead Trilogy!!!

Evil Dead is the franchise that put Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell on the map as a star. Well, for Bruce on the map in the sense of cult status.

The first film is your College students in a cabin film with them uncovering a tape of a professor deciphering the Necronomicon, aka the Book of the Dead. Like in all horror films evil is a foot with the inhabitants becoming deadites(a corpse being used a vessel for the demon) and of course people die.

Oddly I saw the series backwards and this is the least favorite of mine but its grown on me quite a bit and I enjoy it. Its low budget but there is a clear style that indicates just how good Sam Raimi would become as a director.

The second movie is awesome to say the least. Who knows why ash returns to the cabin but that doesn't matter as the sequel is bigger and badder with Ash battling unseen evil and even his possessed hand. The chills have been replaced with a kinetic gore fest with slapstick comedy elements. Probably my favorite of the entire series. Evil Dead 2 is just a fun film to watch.

Army of Darkness is the third film in the series. Abandoning gore and upping the laughs for a trip through time to face the deadites. The first of the Evil Dead movies I saw is still fun to watch. Like Good Ash vs. Evil Ash and the many catchphrases that Bruce's character spits out that are still gold. The movie works in a stand alone fashion too which says a lot about the writing as it is a direct continuation of the second movie.

Overall, Evil Dead Trilogy is solid gold, baby!

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Lulu--Back in Town said...

I gotta' agree, Evil Dead 2 is the best. When I first saw the scene with the gooseneck lamp I about died laughing. And his hand pulling him across the floor while he's unconscious...

God I love that movie. Gotta' watch that again soon.