Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Future of Cinema... is Bad...

I love movies. And I do like some admittedly bad films. But I also know a technically sound film when I see it, even if I don't like it.

Now, there seems to be way too many adaptations, remakes, and reboots in the pipelines. no doubt I'll see several due to the marketing blitz and flashy trailers but hey, I'm a sucker for the theater experience. Except when the AMC near me has their sound problems.

Monster Squad-After over a decade of being a commercial and critical failure, the cult status and huge DVD success has made people think they can make this work. No... they can't. I like the first movie a bit and doubt a good remake.

Barbarella-Hmmm... still never finished the original.

Rocky Horror Picture Show-Can you remake a film version of a stage play? Can Mtv do it? No they can't.

Any Hitchcock Film-Didn't they learn their lessons from Psycho?

Escape from new York-Leave it alone already. Kurt Russel's Snake Plisskin is LEGEND-wait for it.................... ARY!

The Blob-Already remade to some success by John Carpenter. Now being remade by Rob Zombie who already rebooted a John carpenter franchise. This is just getting silly.

The Evil Dead-I hear Sam Raimi, the originator, is involved. Maybe it could be good but... I'd rather him and Bruce Campbell just did a fourth flick.

The Fly-Already had a remake. A very famous one. Stop it!

Little Shop of Horrors-Roger Corman black and white black comedy was the basis for a rock musical than turned into a successful film itself. Now another version is on the way. Lame!

The Warriors-The original is overrated.

Clash of the Titans-Going on the list of films I need to buy the DVD of the original. That said, I might get behind this one.

When Worlds Collide-Never seen the original so no opinion. But Stephen Sommers is an average director at best so I fear for this film.

The Wolfman-Never seen the original but the trailer for this one looked interesting.

Couple of notes... True Lies was based on a french film? Really? And Tortilla Soup is lame, see the Chinese film its based on; Eat Drink Man Woman. Great film by academy award winning director Ang Lee.

There are so many film adaptation and reboots planned and it'll be a little harder to find out which ones which so I'll skip that. But I will say a Barbie film will suck hard.

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