Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Book: Goth Girl Rising

Summary: The sequel to the astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl has Kyra(aka Goth Girl) returning home after six months in a hospital. Her father sent her there for helping fearing for her life after the events in the aforementioned novel.

Now back she finds herself in a weird position. Things with her father is rocky, school is going to be a big problem with news of her being sent for psychiatric help, oh, and she must destroy Fanboy. His intent to try and help her went wrong and caused this problem and now, after returning to bury the hatchet, she sees he's changed. more confident, the book she helped him with is being published in the school paper, and he didn't contact her at all in the months she was gone.

Kyra also has to deal with odd feelings towards her friend Jecca and biters jacking her new style of course. Amongst painful memories of her mothers fight with cancer.

Thoughts: I paused The Moon is a Harsh Mistress(hard sci-fi book right there) and tore through this one in a night.

Its easy to read and good. Its nice to see Fanboy not be the punk he came off as, at times, in the previous book. But seeing as that was Fanboys first person and this time Kyras doing the narration you kind of wondered what happened to him in that time. Still, Kyra was and still is the most interesting of the two characters.

Kyras friends are... meh. Her father obviously cares but has a hard time dealing with Kyra and she doesn't make too much of an effort herself.

Also, this and the previous book make me realize Young Adult books have changed much since I was a teen. But when I was a teen i was reading other novels so maybe I just didn't notice...

I don't have much to say about this. Its a damn fine book and so was the first one. Though the lack of Bendis references(I don't like his writing so I've gotten annoyed by all the references in non comic mediums) might make me like this one slightly better in the long run. I'll let you know.

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