Friday, September 11, 2009

August Favorites 2009

10. Detective Comics #856

9. X-Factor: Time and a Half-Good to know, no matter the alternate X-future, there's always a summers around. even better if its Cyclops.

8.Black Lagoon Vol. 7

7.Runaways #13-Now I ponder if this series is canceled or hiatus. Which sucks either way because its been kicking ass again.

6. Tiny Titans #19

5. Wonder Woman #35

4. Bomb Queen Omnibust Vol. 1-The character is deplorable. She is a villain running a town, after all. This is a true guilty pleasure.

3. 20th Century Boys Vol. 4

2. Batman & Robin #3

1. Dr. McNinja Vol. 3-Contains four stories and a bonus story. Zombies, Ghost Wizards, and DRACULA!!! Awesome!

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