Saturday, July 25, 2009

A DC Without Superman? Please...

So in 2013 the families of the original creators get the rights to Superman? Yeah? Really? Seriously? Lets hold the phone here and ask some questions.

1. Do they get all the rights? As in trademarks?

2. Do they get the rights of everything that the original creators didn't create thats involved in Superman? For example Brianiac was created by Otto Binder and Al pastino. Not Siegel and Shuster. Or the current incarnation of the S symbol which differs greatly from the one they used. Elements of the origin and supporting cast. Did you know that Kryptonite and the Daily Planet were not created by thsoe two.

3. What would they be able to do with a character that resembles the popular incarnation of the character? How would they sell it without many of the important aspects?

Yeah... 2013 the families are going to just sell it back to DC/WB. Thats just how it has to work.


David Bird said...

Its really up in the air as to who owns what after 2013. The family get Superman, and Superboy, I believe, but as for the rest of the cast, who knows.

I can't imagine Marvel going near Superman (it would set a bad precedent) and none of the smaller publishers could afford him, so I think he'll stay at DC. Will he appear in so many titles, however, will be up to whatever contract the family signs.

Andy said...

As a stockholder in Marvel, I can say with some degree of certainty that they can't afford him either. Unless the family literally gives Superman to Marvel out of downright spite or something, Warner Bros./DC could outbid Marvel for him 20 times over and never flinch. Don't forget that Marvel was saved from bankruptcy (and not too long ago) because of the 1% profit they received from Sony's production of Spiderman. They're doing better now, but they're no financial powerhouse by a long shot. Just look up Marvel's net worth and compare it to Warner Bros. (they're both publicly traded companies) if you don't believe me.

Andy said...

So yeah, I seriously doubt that WB/DC will be losing Superman any time soon.