Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Lately, I've been slacking. For a few reasons. less time on computer being one of them and secondly... switching how an how many comics I buy.

My local comic shop did reopen but by that time I had cut several titles and where I bought them. Besides, i use to go after work and with them opening later in the day I can't really do that. I could just get a box and go on the weekend but eh. I'm saving money this way.

So, in addition to me Monthly favorites list and Excel Saga overviews I plan to do a few things. One... a Movie of the week. I'll dig through my collection, or try to remember films I do love that I need to buy on DVD anyway, and talk about them. This may include TV Series and anime out on DVD.

Also, a graphic novel or comic series spotlight every month. Graphic novels, runs, or even just stories that I really like.

I haven't really talked about wrestling but I'll probably do a piece on Chikara Pro. As a review from long time wrestling news site Figure Four says: "Without a doubt, CHIKARA Pro Wrestling is the most entertaining product in the world." I've practically stopped watching wrestling, indy wise, in 2008 and only sort of used WWE as background noise on monday nights but I started Chikara again and wow... the first three shows of the year were great. Its a hard PG, fantasy action series wrestling show. With high drama and great comedy. Could use a tiny beat of romance though.

Anyway, thats it for now. Lets see if I keep this up.

By the way, David Bird hooked me this link for a new series out of Japan that looks crazy. Check it out.


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