Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reaction to Christian Bales Outburst

Haven't heard the outburst but I read about it. What I don't understand is the publicity for all this. He got angry at someone for what he felt was unprofessional work during an important scene of a film. yeah, it's a genre film but I like atcors who take their work seriously even if its not dramatic movies. Did he go overboard? Sure. But get this people... People get angry. Wow. Because he's an actor he's not aloud to have angry outbursts? That would be actually worst. Imagine being an actor and having to pent up all the anger and stress you get working on multi-million dollar films. I would hate to be arund that person when they finally do blow. But nooooo... "Oh my god. They should replace him and we should boycott the movie." No racist or homophobic remarks. No insulting of your intelligence. A man angry because a shot he worked hard on got spoiled goes off and people are acting like its sick. You people need to grow up.


Anonymous said...

Christian Bale is obviously a twat - all the fame has gone to his head and he thinks he's king - knob! No excuse at all for an outburst like that!

Anonymous said...

OMG pleeeaaase (previous poster)... he's just a guy! Should we measure you by your own standards then? (... twat...)

I TOTALLY agree with the original post. He got mad... he lost his cool... and?? BIG DEAL.

If all the people freaking out at Mr. Bale were in the film industry themselves, as I am, they would understand that his outburst was 1) completely normal... happens all the time 2) completely justified... that DP was an ignorant moron with no acting experience or any clue how his actions could affect an actor so negatively... totally disrespectful and rude, and 3) completely understandable, knowing what it takes to be an actor, in the moment, and that the scene obviously had strong emotions in it already. Not to mention, as stated by Christian in the clip, this was NOT THE DP'S FIRST OFFENSE of this type... obviously aggravating!

Anyhow, I think everyone so quick to cast the first stone needs to sit down and shut up. And then look in the mirror the next time they get pissed at someone else and fly off the handle... welcome to human nature. No-one is exempt. Not even YOU!

David Bird said...

Movies stars may rant and scream all the time, but that doesn't justify it. I haven't listened to the rant, either. Why would I want to? But the 'DP' is the cinematographer. He doesn't just fiddle with lights, as some have suggested. He is the guy who actually sets up all the shots. He is the one person that no film can be without. And the DP for this film, a guy neamed Shane Hurlbut, has about 20 years of on set experience and 17 cinematography credits (according to imdb).

David Allen said...

I have listened to the rant and am completely surprised at the outage people have had regarding it. Christian Bale takes his roles seriously and when Shane Hurlburt (who has a ridiculously embarrassing IMDb entry by the way, including work on Semi-pro, Crazy/Beautiful, and Swing Vote) acts like a complete amateur and wanders aimlessly through the set, you're going to be upset. Yes, he went overboard but when you work long days in an intense environment, it happens some times.

chariotdrvr14 said...

Everyone loves to have an opinion ...about situations out of context.
Imagine, having to focus ...to perform a scene in front of 150 people who are normally ordered to keep silent (as if they aren't there) so that two or three actors can perform an intense emotional scene.... and then having some techie messing the scene up.
It doesn't excuse the lack of tact by Bale... sure, he is a twat...he's also a perfectionist and a great actor. It's like being a great athlete... some do it with grace and others with aggressive determination.
Nobody ever said the job was easy.