Friday, October 31, 2008

Superheroes Would Vote No on Prop 8

This coming election day, just ask yourself-what would Superman do? What would Batman do? What would the X-Men do? It's obvious. They'd fight discrimination and eliminating marriage to individuals based on their sexual identity is discrimination.

Now, think about it hard. Really. Heroes are suppose to fight for truth, justice, and equality. The likes of Wonder Woman are suppose to represent noble ideas. Wonder Woman would laugh at this prop. Coming from an island of all women one would be naive to think nothings happening there. In the comics they've made it clear, she's an activist fighting for many rights. The X-Men? Their mutants and just hate any form of discrimination.

I'm just saying, help Superman see a world of happiness and peace, uphold Capt. Americas faith in the basic fundamental rights. Vote no on prop 8.

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