Thursday, October 30, 2008

Comic Critics, The Lowest of All Critics?

Do comic critics matter? I mean... no disrespect but I use to review too at Paperback Reader. I don't really remember too much feedback, other than someone being bad at me not liking a New Avengers issue and getting some free comics. Do comic fans really listen to critics? Some do, but I'm pretty sure most don't. Nor do I really see any comic critics, with the possible exception of Blair Butler, being important. Lets be honest, Pro-Wrestling has got Dave Meltzer, whose comic books got?

Personally, I do like dropping by critic sites but I, for the most part, never agree. Some of the comics they praise just do nothing for me and some they don't like are high on my list. Perfectly normal really but it makes me think there's a great divide between comic critics and the general audience. Do comic critics come off as bitter older fans or indy snobs? I personally think if you want to try a comic you should either just do it or hop on a message board and get a broader opinion of said comic book.

So... are comic book critics important at all? Not really. Bad reviews might actually effect music, video games, movies, and television but as long as you have Wolverine or Batman or some known superhero and a half decent artist on a title it's going to sell. Most fans buying comics are more interested in disposable fun so they'll buy into an average comic story. Comic critics opinions seem to mean very little in the end. It's kind of sad, because while I don't normally agree with them I tend to think most have a better taste than the average comic fan.

Yeah... this is just a random rambling.

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