Friday, October 10, 2008

September Favorites 2008

I picked up the Absolute Ronin. Great looking book and brilliant story. My only beef... not enough extras. Some ad posters, concept drawings, a new introduction but I wanted more. If they weren't going to do a commentary or interview with frank Miller they should have shaved off at least twenty to twenty five dollars.

Still... I'm glad I bought it.

8. 100 Bullets Vol. 12: Dirty-Good trade with the usual awesome Eduardo Risso art. The only problem i can see with the volume is that it feels like stories leading up to the final countdown of the series. Which it pretty much is.

7. Tiny Titans #8-Report cards, a birthday party, and Tiny Terror Titans! Aw yeah!

6. Young Liars #7-Sadie battles the Spiders From Mars. Yep... one twisted ass piece of work here.

5. X-factor: Only Game in Town-Despite the fact that I've obviously missed a few issues, probably due to Manifest Destiny X-Crossover, this was good. This arc elevates this to my fav X-title. Though I'm only buying two to be perfectly honest but... why do I need to really buy that many? This baby has Arcade in it which is cool, because Arcade is wicked.

4. Wonder Woman #24-Wonder Woman the movie? Dianas not too pleased with the idea, especially when the Queen of Fables shows up. Despite some peoples protests, I'm fine with Nemesis. Could Diana do better? Sure. But he seems like a nice guy with a sense of humor and I did like the scene where he met Hippolyta.

3. I Kill Giants #2 and 3-I can't quite explain this title of a little girl who claims to kill giants and her life at school and home but its a unique, stand out title.

2. Nana Vol. 12-You knew it was on this list. Sadly this volume ends before my fav scene of the series. I've read the fan translations, sue me.

1. All Star Superman #12-It's hard to put into words exactly the awesome that this book is. So I'll quote a scene from Jor-El talking to his son, Kal-El(Superman obviously): Here the the choice is simple. To remain at play within the field of living, fluid consciousness. Or to turn and face evil one last time." I have goosebumps.

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