Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Don't Like Indy/Damn CD Rips

I am in the process of watching all four Indiana Jones films. Rather slow because, well... I guess just don't like Indy too much. I mean, I finally seen Raiders of the Lost Arc all the way through and felt that it was just okay. I didn't really get into the adventure too much. Don't get me wrong, the acting was fine and the story was interesting but after the first thirty or forty minutes I was almost bored.

Temple of Doom? After the first fifteen minutes I was pretty much done. That film just would not stop and Kate Capshaw is annoying in that film.

The Last Crusade? Well I actually think that films alright. Maybe its Sean Connery that gives it that extra boost and I do love the beginning of the film quite a bit.

Temple of the Crystal Skull? Hated it when I saw it in theaters. I was like... "What are aliens doing in a Indy film?" I would kind of agree with South Park if I was that big of an Indy fan.

On another note, damn! Since there was some comp problems I lost all my music files. Thus restoring my iPod to zip. So of course I'm ripping songs for it. But one of my fav anime soundtracks, Project A-Ko, wasn't ripping. At all! I cleaned it(with alcohol) checked it on my CD player and another disc for the computer, everything worked fine. I was surprised that this site didn't have it since this soundtrack was released in the states and not a good torrent for it.

Luckily, I didn't give my friend my extra copy which was sitting in my box set(I ordered the soundtrack when I had the movie on tape and then bought the box set) so now its ripping. Thank Jesus, Project A-Ko is a fun silly anime and the soundtrack is awesome. produced by an American team doing synth rock and pop music.

Its ripped now and I'm happy. I might have to make a back up just in case for this one.

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