Sunday, October 26, 2008

DVD Review: Black Lagoon: Second Barrage Vol. 3

Black Lagoon: Second Barrage Volume 3

The final volume to the second season continues the exploits of Rock and Revy in Japan as Balalaika and Hotel Moscow go to war with the Yakuza. As the conflict boils Yukio accepts her position as the new head of the Washimine Clan, a Yakuza family. Rock desperately wants to prevent her from getting tied into this mess but she doesn't want nothing to do with him.

Black Lagoon is one of the break out anime series of the last few years with rave reviews with its slick style and pulse pounding action. Produced by the amazing studio known as Madhosue and based on the hit manga by Rei Hiroe this series is probably arguably one of the best action series in a long time and volume 3 of the second season is the strongest story wise.

Volume 2 set the story in motion with Balalaika going to Japan to handle Russian mob business with Rock along as a translator and Revy as his body guard but these final four episodes it all explodes with Rock looking tot he teenage Yukio, hoping she won't fall into a world of criminals but her looking back at him disgusted. Seeing him standing in the "twilight" between the criminal world he belongs to but having the chance to return to a normal life. Rocks intentions bring him into conflict with Balalaika and also angers Revy, the dangerous female gunslinger, who wants to protect him. It's easy to see she cares for Rock and the internal struggle inside her because of these feelings. He's not totally immersed in her world which makes it hard for her and when Balalaika points this out you can tell it cuts like a dagger.

Than there's the action and its good. Especially the scene where Revy teams with Washimine heavy hitter Gin to save Yukio from a former clan member. As is the twos battle between one another while Yukio and Rock watch on.

Great animation, story, and action. It's wonderful that Funimation worked out a distribution deal with Geneon to release this second season and rerelease the first in the States. I don't want to insult downloaders but anime has been hit pretty damn hard. My only sore spot, when I saw this in subtitles a year back I liked the idea of the communication barrier but at the same time the idea of Revy and others not being able to speak Japanese in japan but throughout the series was odd. Here its switched a bit but all the characters speak English except when in the various clan/mob dealings. But hey... whatever.

Grade: 10/10

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