Thursday, September 4, 2008

This Weeks Comix-9/04/08 & Teen Titans #62

Fables #75-Not the masterpiece I was expecting. But to be honest, it's been kind of 'meh' lately. The Good Prince ran a little too long for my tastes and while this arc was good, it just did not feel like the right climax to this long running plot line. It didn't achieve that epic scope I felt it needed.

Manhunter #34-Eh... good parts, bad parts.

Green Lantern #34-Really... what the hell? I understand the need to reboot Hal Jordan's origin. With elements from an old Alan Moore GL story that Geoff Johns is using for the Blackest Night as well as other aspects here and there but why does everything have to hook up nice and tidy? Hector Hammond, Black Hand, and some other characters do not need to be a part of this storyline. Thank god Sonar and Shark haven't shown up yet. Now it looks like we're going into the Sinestro being kicked out of the Corps only days after he starts training Hal. :sigh:: maybe I love the old stories too much. I was going to drop this book but Sinestro Corps. and the build for Blackest Night has kept me on. The arc after Sinestro Corps was good but this origin story has way too much going on. Though Ivan Reis is kicking ass on art. (been a while since I made a review).

Nana Vol. 12-Better than whatever comic you're reading. Scratch that, better than every other comic I'm reading. Yeah... thank you for being the book of the week.

I also got Showcase Superman volume 4.

Now, on to Teen Titans #62. Okay... I like nice happy Titans. In the silver age! I'm actually enjoying Sean McKeevers run for a few reasons. For one, I didn't like half of what Geoff Johns did because it seemed too caught up the nostalgia for George Perez and Marv Wolfmans run.

Johns loves those old stories and using them to help create new ones but Teen Titans was almost inaccessible to me when I started reading it. Than I read some of that legendary run... and I didn't care for it. Sorry. Judas Contract did nothing for me except show once again why Perez has a killer art style. I've also didn't watch Super-Friends and with all the know-it-all comic fans constantly talking about Young Justice, I'm turned off to the idea of even trying that one day. Well, no I'm not. But even if I did like it, I don't like when writers try hard to imitate the voice of other writers. Or the feel of their books. That's why I like Morrison's Batman. He isn't doing the Frank Miller, Steve Englehart, etc. He's doing Batman his way. Just as I feel McKeever is doing Teen Titans his way.

I liked Teen Titans #62 because it caught me off guard. It had an air of horror and desperation that is hard to truly capture in superhero comics. It was grim and mean.

I'm down with McKeever. And I'll still be down even if Wendy and Marvin are still alive.

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Jay Marvel said...

I feel you on green lantern except your thoughts on Black Hand not needing to be in the story. He's going to play a huge part in the Blackest Night arc coming up and this story has been setting key points just for the big arc to come. So I ask you, why not include him? That's just my thoughts.

As for Titans, some fans are having a tough time with the dark nature of the last issue. I guess I can see why maybe some fans might not like but too bad. As you said, McKeever is telling the story he wants to tell. What if he went the other route and tried to continue on someone else version(or vision) of the book and not his? You would have most of these same fan-boy-bitches crying about how "he's not doing anything new". There is no pleasing them nobody should try to do so. It's always going to be a never ending circle with them. Thank god they make up a small fraction of the the "real" comic fan base. As long as stories sell then that's all that really matters matters.

Damn... I just went into a rant.