Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Movie Adaptations

Damn... those Dragonball screen caps look bad. And I was holding out faith. But Fox has been letting me down for quite a while now. Though Max Payne looks sweet.

They're not going to get the June trial date for their suit against Fox and even Warners proposed date wasn't accepted as the Judge has decided this need to be handled as soon as possible. In January the two go to battle and Fox is still seeking an injunction. I hope they fail.

Okay... what is the real Batman? Seriously, you comic fans need to realize something... THERE ARE DOZENS OF VARIATIONS ON THE SAME CHARACTERS!!! Yeah, I agree some suck but those same ones are popular with some a group of people usually. I saw the Dark Knight(countless times) and don't see what they're talking about. "Oh no, he didn't throw a batarang." Yeah? That was a useful criticism.

A darker Superman? Fuck that... All Star Superman the movie!!! Get with it Warners!

Also, why is it when I hear about the upcoming slate of DC Comics films no one mentions Shazam or Jonah Hex?

Whats on the horizon for comic book movies? Hopefully more adaptations of non-superhero fare. I also hope we get some producers and directors who can actually translate anime/manga. though I did like Speed Racer...

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Lulu--Back in Town said...

Are they seriously making a Shazam movie? My God, that's the first comic book I ever read. My grandpa's old Shazam from, like... 1930? Maybe not quite that old, but from when he was a kid, still.