Friday, July 25, 2008

This Weeks Comix-7/25/08

Crappy week. Dropped Trinity. Budgetary reason. Want more anime/manga and less comics.

Madame Xanadu #2-Was alright. That's the best I can come up with. Well, the art was pretty.

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Vol. 2-Bought for the fact it is Wonder Woman and this is some of Mike Sekowsky's better art. That's about it.

Uncanny X-Men #500-Didn't even read it. The art was a real turn off. Well, Greg Lands part. I should've known better than buy it but I miss X-Men books.

Yotsuba&! Vol. 3-4-Got these in the mail and lifted my spirit. Just good looking and fun manga stories about a weird little girl and how she turns everyday events and situations into some sort of adventure.

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