Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

CM Punk won the world title on Raw. I'm shocked for a few reasons. 1)WWE rarely pushes a wrestler when they're hot. Rob Van Damm and Jericho are great examples. Two guys who, at the height of their popularity, never won the main title until several years later when they're success had cooled. 2)All the rumors about Punk being buried(means to talk down, insult, and bad mouth) to higher ups. 3)He's been in the company for only about two years. Still-pretty awesome.

Final Crisis #2 was good.

The people who complain about DC Comics can't run DC Comics because their ideas are self satisfying. By doing away with many aspects(certain writers, characters, etc.) of the company now, you'd actually lose just as much readership as you'd gain.

Get Smart was funny.

I don't care what anyone says-I don't plan to see Wanted in theaters. Maybe on bootleg later on.

DC vs. Mortal Kombat-I am optimistic. And that even shocks me!

Listen to some of my favorite music that you'll probably dislike.

RIP Mike Turner. Was not a huge fan but did like his work. My Wonder Woman shirt(bad image, sorry) was based on an image he did of the character in Justice League of America #7 variant. My uncle also did a reproduction of Identity Crisis cover from issue 2(ironically, my least favorite issue but my second favorite cover) in his style which involves colored paper laid over to form an image.

It's getting harder and harder to wait for the Dark Knight.

The new Brad Pitt/Georgie Clooney movie looks good. Trailer below.

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