Thursday, July 3, 2008

June Favorites for 2008

Several things got delayed from my Mail Order package(Madame Xanadu and Gantz) and... well... slightly a lackluster month. Lots of good stuff but very little that blew me away. So I'll keep this one brief this time.

5. Final Crisis #3/Batman & the Outsiders #8(tie)-Yeah... kind of weird having them both next to each other with what went down last month. Still, I originally picked Batman and company for fifth spot but I've reread FC more times and like more and more each time. So they can share.

Batman & the Outsiders is a great action title with cool characters. But I'm out now that Dixon is gone and Green Arrow will probably be leaving to be in the new Justice League book. Final Crisis opening scene, despite some controversy, was super cool. A lot of what was happening just made me smile. Much better than the first issue.

4. Teen Titans #60-Despite the predictable ending-lots of cool moments and ass kicking. Also, McKeever and DC at least gave me a great reason to pick up Terror Titans in October. Besides Joe Bennett on art.

3. Justice Society of America #16-I was weary of all the Kingdom Come stuff but as the stories and situations progressed, I've become a believer.

2. Fruits Basket Ultimate Collection Vol. 3-The third hardcover collection of the series, collecting volumes 5 through 6, makes me a fan of the series. I like Tohru and some of the other supporting players. Yeah, it's girly and cute but I enjoy it. Still-Nana is the better shoujo.

1. Wonder Woman #21-Congrats Diana, you're on top of my list. Damn fine issue, damn fine story, damn fine creative team. Wonder Woman is everything I hoped it would be under Gail Simone.

July's list will be a tad late. Also I won't be getting my end of the month package because I'm going to be gone for a little while. So my August list, in September, might be quite large. Hopefully Mail Order Comics told shipping to hold my package but I'll email them once more before I leave.

Also-I dropped Astonishing X-Men. Forgot to pick it up(or they forgot to put it in my box) and don't really care. So I'll trade that one. Yay?

Found out the DC picture links eventually break. So next month I'll try linking from

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