Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick Hits-March 26, 2008

All Star Superman #10-Definitely worth the wait. A brilliant piece of graphic art.

Green Lantern #29-A definitive retelling of Hal Jordans origin. Including newer elements that have been tacked on over the last few decades. It's pretty good so far.

Teen Titans #57-I just can't quit you. Ravager made me check this out and she was totally bad ass. Except Cassie makes me want to drop this book again. I hate her. And I rarely hate teenage female heroes. Anyway, Ravager beats the crap out of a few lame villains. Good times...

Bubblegum Crisis OAV-Finished it last week. 8 awesome episodes from one of the major cyberpunk anime that is left open ended due to production problems. Despite all that, great animation and-if you watch it in Japanese-awesome music. The English dub is okay, but the fact they change the songs into English kills it dead. It's about four women who use powersuits(think Iron Man) to fight robots called Boomers, all for a price. Waiting on Bubblegum Crash, and then I'll order AD Police prequel. The original BGC is far superior to that lame Bubblegum Crisis 2040 that came out.

Chobits -It was... eh... interesting with good animation but I didn't like the characters and didn't care for most the voices in both English and Japanese. It's a alternate world where copmputers are this androids called Persecoms. The main character finds one laying around that is unusual.


Stephen said...

i share your love of ravager, sir. good taste

Westside Goth said...

thank you.