Thursday, March 13, 2008

February Favorites-2008

List of my favorite reads for February.

#9: Tiny Titans #1-Cute is what this book aims for, and it hits its target nicely. Really, this was so amusing and fun.

#8: Incredible Hercules #112-114-Suggested by Marvel comics fans(who when I was asking for suggestions kept pushing on books I specifically didn't want or explained why I wasn't into) and purchased. I quite enjoyed it. It's got action, humor, and an understanding of the mythology of the character. Plus Ares is a jerk and that was fun.

#7: Batman & the Outsiders #4: Batgirls back to being cool AND a Green Arrow book I want to read! Seriously, Winnick did okay for a while but now I just want him far away from the character. Not only that, but the return(possibly, we'll have to see but I do believe that's right) of two cool characters I hadn't noticed until reading Dan Didio's comments and fan speculation. Who you ask? Come on, your nose must be twitching.

#6: Wonder Woman #17-Despite the artist switch, Gail Simone's first arc reestablishes bad ass Wonder Woman. Not since Greg Rucka's prime on this book as Diana been so cool. It's Wonder Woman versus Amazons and Nazis! Just good stuff in the finale of this arc.

#5: Azumanga Daioh the Manga Omnibus-The re-release of the complete Azumanga Daioh series. This manga, which is done mostly as comic strips, follows the lives of six teenage friends in high school. It's hilarious. Not to like this means you have no heart.

#4: Checkmate #23-The series is in it's last issues under Greg Rucka and company but they're going to go out with a bang! Following up on the Pawn 502 story sees Checkmate once again having to deal with the terrorist organization Kobra. Damn... the next creative team is going to fail this book. Well, the art of Manual Garcia will be nice though.

#3: Crime Bible: The Five Lessons in Blood #5-Sudden ending without captions aside-DAMN! We're two months in and Greg Rucka delivers the best ending I've seen in quite a while. It's not a "new" kind of ending but one I, and many other readers, did not expect to see come out of this title. Renee Montoyas journey as a character keeps getting filled with twists and turns and here's another one. Manual Garcia does his best work yet with a gorgeous looking book. The alternating artists was a great idea for this mini-series. Can't wait to see what Greg Rucka has in store for the Question next.

#2: Batman #674-Things come together as we learn the secret of the mysterious three Batman. But there's some new questions arising from these answers. Morrison continues using older stories as a source of inspiration for his run. This issue was so good I started seeing some of the online detractors turning around in favor of what Morrison is accomplishing.

#1: Gunsmith Cats: Burst Vol. 3-Rally Vincent and Bean bandit enter an illegal street race with different goals. Rally's is to turn up some cash since Bandits assets are on hold(his holding onto some cash for several people) while Bandit is thinking he needs to get rid of the crooked cop after him. All that plus more! Rally gets a new car to replace her beloved Shelby GT5000 and even shows some wannabe marksman proper gun control. Damn this is good.

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