Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday!

Comics this coming comic day.

Booster Gold #0-A Zero Hour tie-in? Seriously? I find the idea of having Booster involved in a DC crossover decades late to be funny.

Tiny Titans #1-Because it looks cute.

Wonder Woman #17-Because it's my favorite superhero book. Not counting superhero teams or niche titles like Checkmate.

DMZ #28-One more spotlight issue and then off to the next arc. I'm thinking sometime this month I'll reread all my issues.

Fantastic Four #554-How is this a volume 3 series? They just renumbered all the relaunches to match back up to where the series would've been. Anyway, I'm getting this to fit in with the crowd. It's the big hot release thanks to the team behind the Ultimates. I'm not a big Mark Millar fan but I did like the Ultimates. Still, this is a maybe. I might just buy the eventual trade.

Dokkoida Vol. 1-Maybe. It's a manga and I'm in manga mode.

Music: Jem and the Holograms Theme-Freezepop

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