Thursday, February 14, 2008

January Favorites 2008

Replacing my Best of the Month

#8: Booster Gold #6
I like Ted Kord. I like Booster Gold. I liked Countdown and OMAC Project at the time but now-eh. Let's hope the best Blue Beetle sticks around.

#7: Astonishing X-Men #24
The penultimate issue reads like a penultimate issue. Still, I'm bias. Plus John Cassaday art. Yay! Looking forward to the finale.

#6: Ultimate X-Men Vol. 17
To think I hated this run in the beginning but Kirkman and collaborators have pulled it out. Beast is back, Cyclops and Jean run the institute like a real school, and Bishop has his own X-Men. PLus a nice twist towards the end. Plus some good art and nice action.

#5: Wonder Woman #16
The best superhero book on the market. Well, not really but one of my favorites. The Circle continues the action! Talking Gorillas battling Nazis? Thats fucking genius!

#4: Batman #673
Grant Morrison pays tribute to Bill Finger by integrating mroe of Batmans once retcon golden/silver age stories into the current continuity. Including Joe Chill and a story entitled Robin Dies at Dawn. It's a strange trip as Batman lays diing with his life flashing abck and possibly forth.

#3: Crime Bible: Five Lessons of Blood #4
My favorite mini out right now. I've spoken a lot about this one already so I'll just move on.

#2: Harukaze Bitter Bop Vol. 1
Fun best describes this manga. Fun characters, fun story, and funny moments. Chiyoharu, Kaede and Souza shine in this comedy/action/fantasy about a teen who runs into a mysterious muscle man and a teen girl detective.

#1: Checkmate #22
Yeah... spoken about this one a lot recently as well.

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