Sunday, February 3, 2008

Screw Your Character

Seriously, comic fans who complain about someone’s reaction to the superheroes they love if they are misused, mistreated, or just generally pissed(or occasionally just written out) on is a load of hypocrisy. Especially knowing that it's just cause they don't like the characters and would get defensive the minute one character they do like gets messed up. I hate Daredevil. Really, I never got the character. If I went on a rant about how I'm glad he died, if he had just died, that would piss off or annoy a Daredevil fan who'd already feel sad cause Marvel's wrote out one of their popular characters.

but I guess when it's B and C level characters thats different? No, it's not actually. Any long time comic fan knows that B and C level characters are allowed more time to grow and change. you can add all the new ideas to Spider-Man or Batman or Superman but it'll always returns back to the basic points because those characters are so identified by a particular tone and feel. Superhero comics are cyclical and reuse lots of same plotlines and the biggest guilty parties are the top tier characters. But B and C level characters, they have the truest opportunity to go a different direction. Take a look at Renee Montoya. Where she was, how she grew, and where she is now. There are classic superhero points here and there but that’s a kind of journey as character you won't see Wonder Woman, Daredevil, Hulk, etc. take. Same goes to guys like Deadpool. Yeah, they seem to have reverted him but for several years he went from a second rate rip off of a DC classic to becoming his own character. A character that became unique to himself.

But here comes the comic fan who hasn't bothered to read, or see, the same kind of stories with these characters that we love and try to insult them and us. All they do are just being idiots and pricks. No, not even elitist or comic know-it-alls but just general fools. Because you don't like them, their useless? Wow-that makes absolutely no sense. None at all. Now please go away and let us fans enjoy our characters and want them treated right. But don't expect us to side with you in case Marvel or DC screw one of your characters up.

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