Friday, February 1, 2008

Manga vs. American Comics Part Infinity Part Deux

Check this out for a good idea of how the internet comic fans think.

Some good points made here and there. And then a lot of terrible points.

Seriously, if Naruto has sold 71 million manga internationally, I would tend to think that means most fans are not insulted by non-glossy paper. To be honest with you, only elitist comic snobs point this out and the majority of time their wrong when they speak for the likes of me and you. Yeah, I love my Fourth World Omnibus with that paper, screw you. And Jack Kirby wouldn't complain cause all he ever dreamed was for his works to be collected. Manga sales in Japan alone 4.1 billion US. 200 million int he US. And who knows how much else int he world.

American comics outsell manga but releases around 7 times as much material in a single year. Think about it, Manga makes up 30-60 trades on Diamonds chart which lists 400 items. Over the course of 12 months comics will of course outsell manga but Manga making almost half of what American comics does shows theres much demand.

Manga use to be released in floppies in the states. Did you know that? At one time Gunsmith Cats, Ah My Goddess, Ranma 1/2 were selling each around 12,000 issues. Dragon Ball(and Z) and Sailor Moon broke around 14,000 an issue.

Maybe I'm getting annoyed with all this because I am buying more manga. Slightly more. I'm 7 volumes away from finishing the complete Dragon Ball series(including Z) which has been very entertaining. I'm loving Gunsmith Cats and Excel Saga. I'm looking for another manga to buy. Half conisdering Ranma 1/2 cause I've been rewatching the series and the manga/anime store by me has all the volumes. Plus I have volumes 1-2 already. I might check out Rose Hip Zero. Forget what it was about but when I did read up on it it sounded interesting enough.

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