Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Guilty Pleaure: Nana

Since I'm much more itno manga lately I decided to take a chance on the shoujo title Nana. My comic shop, whose cut their manga purchases in half, has had the first eight volumes just laying on the shelf. During the recent sale I bought volumes 1-3 and tore through them. Yeah, it's girly but extremely cute, funny, and engaging.

It's about two girls with the same first name who move to Tokyo and become friends. One, Nana Komatsu, is moving there to be with her long distance boyfriend. The other, Nana Osaki, is looking to become a rock star. Their meeting is chance and are soon splitting an apartment together.

I just finished volume six and it's a damn impressive series. I plan on checking out the anime soon enough.

The songs Rose by Anna Tsuchiya. Which is a cool song.

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Melvin said...

Im not afraid to admit, that I read girly manga on occasion. Ive been thinking about giving Nana a try. I may have to, with your recomendation.