Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ADV Films Finally Says Something About Releases...

For those anime folks at home who don't download, ADV films released a statement regarding delayed anime that has been rescheduled. Offering much hope that more updates for more anime vids will be on the way. See, anime in the states is in flux right now. How does a medium continue to gain new fans yet drop drastically in sales? Internet downloads. I can't talk too much crap because I know people who download videos and share them with me but I do my best to try some anime from the stores or buy releases of stuff I like. Though that shop that sells imports makes it so I am buying anime but not necessarily from American distributors. However I have been following the situation and its been rather scary. Anyway, as explained on a message board, I believe at Anime News Network, by someone in one of the companies that the average anime has a few fansubs the circulate with thousands of people and these people aren't going out to buy this anime when it's released. The person answering questions understood certain things and explained that there is of course time needed to work out license, do dubbing, packaging, etc. before the videos release. Of course, there's those anti-dub fans who hate the companies. I should point you to this very good piece by ANN's Answerman about certain anime fans. Just the beginning portion.

You see, several months ago, which was a also several months from anime expo, Geneon, closed shop in the States. Meaning releases Geneon were in the middle of releasing were suspended. The company currently is in talks with another anime distribution to license their library to the states. Several months ago ADV started making cuts to budget eliminating programs and apparently had a serious shake up. It was a few days before they released a rather simple press statement about reorganization. I feel a bit happier cause I was buying Welcome to the NHK and now I know it'll be out... today... of course Best Buy won't have it for probably another week(this happens) so if I don't see it I'll order it from a website.

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