Saturday, January 12, 2008


Nightwing #140
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Art/Cover: Rags Morales, Michael Bair, & Edgar Delgado
Rating: B

It's the aftermath of Ra's Ah Ghul's return Nightwing is still adjusting to his new hood of NYC. This comes with the usual routine of investigating any suspicious activities and now Nightwing is embroiled in a mystery surrounding museum heists.

I never got Nightwing. I never disliked him but didn't really ever enjoy the character unless it was Dick Grayson leading the Teen Titans in the silver age stories. But every once in a while he shined through to me. However this the reason I was interested in buying this wasn't Grayson but artist Rags Morales. I loved his work on Identity Crisis which was my introduction to his work. It has lots of emotion and mannerism in his characters. He is a perfect fit for this book. The way he does the action, the quiter moments, everything. It's just a very strong looking book. Story wise Tomasi presents an entertaining story. It is taking place after a crossover so some of the scenes might confuse new readers. Other than that you meet Dick Grayson, get a good handle of his personality. he treats him as a smart, skilled hero with a bit of a sense of humor.

I've seen Nightwing fans for the last few years bored, angry, upset with the direction of Nightwing. They seemed rather surprised in the crossover with Fabian Nicieza and Don Kramer with their short take and with this issue feel that Nightwing is starting to be treated like the hero they believe he should be. I enjoyed this issue quite a bit because it looks to be just a fun, traditional style superhero action comic. That's fine by me.

Teen Titans Lost Annual
Writer: Bob Haney
Art: Jay Stephens, Mike & Laura Allred
Cover: Nick Cardy & Dave Stewart
Rating: B-

The classic Teen titans engage in a mission to rescue president John F. Kennedy from space aliens. On the planet Ullostro he's become brain washed to help one race fight int heir civil war. Can the Titans end the war and save the president? Of course.

A crazy throw back to classic silver age Titans adventures from the man who co-created the Teen Titans. This is similar in vein. Fun, disposable, totally crazy. A light read for any old school Titans fan. Now, I say disposable because it's not some sort of classic making you remember the innocence of the time but it is Bob Haney doing what Haney does well and no one does Teen titans like did. Joining him is Jay Stephens whose an Eisner and Harvey winner I have no familiarity with. He brings fun cartoon style with help from Mike and Laura Allred. Now, it looks good but the Titans fan in me wants Nick Cardy. Nick drew a lot of the original Titans story and was one of their cover artists. He is an amazing artist and one I never heard of before buying the various DC Showcases. Cardy is one of those under rated art greats whose style was not as clean or simple as a lot of DC artists at the times. More detail, movement, and style than a lot of his contemporaries. Cardy contributes the cover and a beautiful sketchbook at the end.

Really, this was good but i feel slightly disappointed that Cardy didn't draw. But, for what it is, it's a wonderful reminder of how cool comics were back in the day. This coming from a man in his twenties.

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