Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So, Dumbledore is Gay.../Former Fat Boys(It's a Post That Segues Into Another Post)

I don't care either way. Seeing as I never picked up on any of this nor will I be able to really associate any scenes in the book as clues to his homosexuality. So I have to agree, on some level, with what the Former Fat Boys had to say in regards to this.

You know what, no, he isn't. This isn't rooted in any kind of homophobia, but since the release of Deathly Hallows JK Rowling has been serving up the most retarded backstories and future-stories to her characters that anyone could imagine. The books were nearly flawless and were a wonderful read, but come on JK put it in the book. I've seen write-ups quoting passages that supposedly point to the fact that he's gay and, frankly, I just don't see it. His relationship with Gellet, as described in the book, was simply a friendship. If JK wished to “out” Dumbledore then why in the world didn't she? She tied up every other realistic question in the end of Deathly Hallows, why not that question.

Was Slughorn gay too? Or Moody? Or any other number of characters who's sexual orientation wasn't discussed in the book? I don't care one way or the other, but the let literature stand. Why does there need to be a discussion of everyone's sexuality and why is it the defining characteristic of so much in our society.

If Dumbledore was gay, then why not weave it CONVINCINGLY into the story, especially if one of your goals (as is obvious from reading the books) to preach tolerance? Why not bite the bullet and be brave enough to stand up for it in the text. Frankly I think its cowardly what she did. She knew that the story would rate in the US where we're, admittedly, a little bit backwards about some of this stuff. Frankly, I enjoyed that in the books her lessons on inequality were masked by the Harry Potter Universe. Ie, instead of black/white/tan/yellow/red/brown race related stuff or Christians vs. Muslims vs. Jews it was Muggles vs. Pure Bloods. That vagueness provided for an excellent ability to take the lessons in the text and apply them to anything our world.

She's tainting the books with all the post book crap she's dishing about her characters and while I don't care one way or the other if Dumbledore is gay, I maintain that based on the books...he isn't and that JK is tarnishing the legacy of the books by revealing so much information about her characters that wasn't covered in her narrative.

I wouldn't go as far as say tarnishing the legacy of the books. Or saying JK was scared to do it in the book. But I really have no interest in these post-series reveals. But hey, if him being gay is a win for the Gay Community-then who am I to hate? Go gays.

On another, got their album. 6 bucks for 19 tracks of fun, player/party style nerdcore hip hop music. Even if he's a dirty republican. Kidding. I do sort of agree in part with MisMoshs point that celebrities talking about the war, politics, etc. do tend to unjustly make all republicans look evil and that some of them let their bias cloud their views so they can't be impartial. But still, Daily Show rocks.

Oh, here's some stupid/silly videos.

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I've got four chapters of one weird prose story done and the prologue of another done. Weird.

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