Thursday, August 9, 2007

Top 10 for July 2007

Honorable Mention: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Vol. 1
Just released in print the first 3 stories of the the hilarious cult webcomic about a Doctor who is also a ninja. Features an introduction and various extras. The first story introduces you to Dr. mcNinja while he tries to cure a boy of Paul Bunyan diesease, the second story you meet his family, and the third story has Raptor riding Gauchos. Oh, and his secretary is a Gorilla. Issue 1/2, a school project, is omitted in effort not to get sued by McDonalds but you can check it out at the site. There's notes on each page that are fun including comments about creator Chris Hatchings school professor and comic legend Walt Simonson as well as a funny bit about Slave Labor Graphics rejecting the title for not being ridiculous enough. yet, they published trash like Corporate Ninja.

10. Green Lantern #21: The second part of the Sinestro Corps. War keeps the ball rolling as Hal Jordan is told to lead his fellow Lanterns to victory by a few rebellious Guardians. But before that he has a run in with the new Parallax. Just a good looking, exciting, fun crossover. Turned me into a believer.

9. DMZ #21: The verdict is in on the Day 204 Massacre. get the military's side of the debate as the trial concludes. you know what happens already, the system fails. I was not into this arc at first but have grown to enjoy it quite a bit.

8. Repo #2: The future is one crappy place. we learn why the kidnapped clone is so important and that explains the huge bounty on it's head for the retrieval. Just over-the-top cyberpunk fun. From the creators of Teenagers from mars I expect no less.

7. Justice League of America #11: Red Arrow and Vixen are trapped in the rubble of a collapsing building now sinking into the water. It's a claustrophobic and engrossing read. The penultimate issue of Brad Meltzers run is without a doubt the best issue of he's written. Gene Ha fills in on art here and his realism adds a much creepier element then regular artist Ed Benes could have done. Great visuals, great read.

6. Detective Comics #834: Batman and Zatanna have to foil the Joker's scheme. That is, if Zatanna survives being shot in the throat last issue. Yeah... if... good issue, not as good as the first part though.

5. Justice Society of America #5: Superman hangs out with Starman over sloppy joes and the JSA beat up Nazi's with new recruit Citizen Steel. Sounds light but really is packed with emotion and great art.

4. Fables #63: The fourth part of the Good Prince has the Fable community planning for future war. Including preparing to train their people and acquire weapons. Oh, and Fly catcher is doing some recruiting of his own. Gets better and better. My favorite Vertigo series.

3. Birds of Prey #108: Appropriately entitled "Swab Song" Gail Simone ends her definitive run on Birds of Prey with action and heart-felt emotion. Damn, sad to see her go.

2. Batman #666: Future Batman vs. Son of Satan. 'Nuff said.

1. All Star Superman #8: A weaken Superman on Bizarro World is trying to find a way back home. Sounds simple enough but with Superman having to try to communicate with Bizarros and figure a way home, plus the imperfect imperfection Zibarro this issue has more depth then most comics published a year. Just great, great, great work.

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