Tuesday, August 7, 2007


So Doomsday is on the rise huh?

First of the Mayans say it all ends in 2012. Okay, they also say there's been five worlds before this. Lets just hope Shadowrun comes true and I get some magic powers for this sixth world.

There was a Native American tribe predicting the end of the fourth world at around this time. Hmmm...

Apparently someone took the I Chings predictions and mapped out a graph that ends in Dec. 2012 like the Mayan Calender. Also predicting important dates. Or postdicting important dates. Coincidence?

Merlin predicted the end of the world? Seeing as Merlin(or Myrddin) was a name bestowed on people and plus he was just crazy.

Apparently there's an opinion of a psychic awakening amongst this time.

Comet hitting earth?

Shift in magnetic pull of earth?

Global warming.

Apparently a program called web-bot that scours the Internet for buzz words to help predict stocks back in the 90s turned into an online oracle predicting the end in 2012 though that could just because of the already predicted date.

Then there's the bible... huh...

Let's just hope this is all coincidence. Shits bad, but so far I'm not seeing signs of the apocalypse that much. Just people being stupid. And the occasional natural disaster.

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