Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Comic Book Picks-Entry #3

My third entry will focus on title's that I think are just plain fun. Oh, and exciting. Oh, and suspenseful. Cool characters, great dialogue and just plain entertaining reads.

Little White Mouse Omnibus
Paul Sizer

16 year old loo finds herself stranded on a remote mining satellite after her shuttle, carrying her and her now deceased sister, crashes. Loo must now try to figure her way off the satellite which is devoid of life support and operated by super computer. Loo and a couple of robot friends have to dodge the computers droids as she attempts to acquire material to build a ship or send out SOS requests. This is just the beginning of her adventure.

I Picked up this series after seeing a small listing for it in Previews. A complete series over 400 pages for 24.95? Hell yeah! I was not disappointed with my purchase in the least. This series is filled with such excitement and you can tell there is pride and heart put into this work. loo is intsantly likable. Lots of spunk with the character. The supporting cast, many of which are on a side adventure looking for her, are a joy to read as well. The art has a simple, cartoony look to it which gets better and better as it goes.

Definitely a must read for fans of alternative comics.

Livewires: Clockwork Thugs, Yo Digest
Adam Warren & Rick Mays

The original American manga artist Adam Warren writes while artist rick Mays brings his manga influenced style to the drawing board for this critical and cult buzz book.

Human form combat mecha covert ops team hailing from a top secret government R$D program seek out and destroy other top secret government R&D programs. The team consists of Hallowpoint Ninja, Gothic Lolita, Cornfed, Social Butterfly and their newest recruit Stem Cell. The first half of this story introduces the characters and mission while the last half has the team on a big over-the-top mission. This is an action packed series that takes advantage of it's Marvel universe setting(like an army of Nick Fury looking androids). It's just a cool sci-fi/action book you should really check out.

Good looking, lots of action, and a great story with a nice twist at the end.

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