Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Anime Expo Thoughts...

1. Always bring a camera. I didn't and I regret it.

2. After the first day, I never left without a manga/comic digest to read in lines.

3. The sun sucks.

4. Waiting 4 hours for registration on the opening day sucks.

5. Some very sexy women. Lots of cute girls.

6. When Asian girls dress in Japanese fashion, it works. When non-Asians do it it looks emo and I hate emo.

7. I paid 60 bucks to get in to more or less buy 70 dollars worth of crap.(Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex-Solid State Society tin box, Pani Poni Dash vol. 4, Melancoly of Harhui Suzumiya, over priced fan made buttons/bookmarks, over priced food.)

8. They should never have a line for an event they know they have to cancel anyway. Waiting 4 hours for the AMV contest was on thing but not being able to see all the AMvs due to technical difficulties was crap.

9. Death Note... I don't get the appeal. saw the live action version of the anime/manga and "eh." I'll watch the anime now that my bro downloaded.

10. Bro downloaded tons of new anime. This time I'm actually going to watch stuff.

11. Make sure that next year i go with my friends. My pal Pete showed up for one day and most of what we did was talk, walk around, and look at girls. Did more when Jay Jay came.

12. Reminder... Red Garden and Welcome to NHK. Plus finish Pani Poni Dash, Harhui Suzumiya and go out and finally buy Trigun.

13. Since I'm making the decision to buy more anime, need to curb my comics and indy wrestling spending habit.

14. Transformers was good. Maybe because I was watching it with about 2000 people.

15. Need to do more stuff. Saw live action Death Note, the rescheduled AMVs, couple new anime and thats pretty much it. Oh, and the dealers and walked around artists alley. Well, I did check out the anime trivia contest. But I should have done more.

Thats about it. 3/5

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