Thursday, July 19, 2007

Captain America Not Going to Jail...

Remember the Florida physician who was arrested back in April on battery and drug charges while he was dressed as Captain America? Of course, you do. He’s back in the news now, agreeing to terms that will allow him to avoid trial.

Raymond Douglas Adamcik, 54, was arrested on April 21 and charged with misdemeanor battery, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer and marijuana possession after an incident at a superhero-themed costume party for doctors, nurses and pharmaceutical salespeople. Adamcik, dressed as the Sentinel of Liberty, allegedly approached a woman with a burrito in his hand, said “dirty things” and then groped her. The woman reportedly shoved Adamcik away, and then her boyfriend knocked him down while someone called police.

According to The Associated Press, charges against Adamcik will be dismissed if he performs 75 hours of community service, writes a letter of apology to the woman — and then avoids all contact with her — and doesn’t return to the bar where the incident took place. He must also pay $900 in investigative and court costs, submit to regular alcohol and drug testing, and comply with a program for treatment of depression.

Man, it looks like Tony Stark was right all along.

Credit Blog@Rama.

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