Friday, June 15, 2007

Top 10 for May 2007

Actually top 9. And yes I'm late.

Honorable Mention: X-Factor: Many Lives of Madrox
My Marvel pull list has depleted quite a bit. So this is one of the few books I check out. While I thought it was solid in the first two collections the changing artists, pacing, and involvement with some of Mavels events started to turn me away but BAM! This is the best of the three and one of the best reads in a while.The Multiple Man Jaime Madrox is out searching for the dupes he sent out into the world to learn. many nice twists and turns. not just with him but the whole cast. Check it out.

#9. Welcome to Tranquility #6: The final chapter of the opening arc is a very satisfying read. The murder mystery is solved, a man finds his magic word, truths are revealed, and some characters have happy endings. That's good comics.

#8. Shazam: Monster Society #3: Billy and Mary have a run in with Dr. Sivana who learns more about the mysterious creatures invading the city. Wanting to turn them into weapons. Yeah, his firsts set of plans don't go over well and now its up to Billy to SHAZAM! into Capt. marvel to save the day. My least favorite issue this far but one of my favs of April.

#7. Gunsmith Cats: Bust Vol. 1: The Cats are back! And due to some material out of print, i still haven't finished the first series. Oh well... But not enough to not enjoy this. Can Rally and the crew get the bounty, mob money, and avoid a staged terrorist attack? I have hope. It's hot women, lots of action, and lots of macho. If the formula isn't broken...

#6. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer Season #3: Willows back and laying the smack down. Nice twist ending. I'm sure you're reading this anyway.

#5. Astonishing X-Men #21: YEAH!Still one of the most entertaining books I pick up. Even if Whedon isn't really taking the X-Men into a new exciting direction this tip of the hat to both Claremont and Morrisons run is the best x-title and has the best characterization. Cassaday is doing a great job on art. The ending was very gripping.

#4. Birds of prey #106: You like action? Right here baby! Secret Six vs. Birds of Prey throw down! Gail Simone brings style and sass to super heroics that's unmatched today. Gail Simone is leaving this title with a bang!

#3. 52 Week 52: Some people hated on this issue but I loved it. Maybe I'm a mark bit i was very invested in it. Rip Hunter, booster Gold, and Supernova fighting Mr. Mind across the multiverse? Throw in some great feel good moments and BAM! Hell yeah I loved it. Epic work here.

#2. Batman #665-It's the Batman book I've been waiting for. These last couple issues Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert deliver. The pieces are starting to fit, things are making more sense, and the threat is growing. Dynamic issue with some great moments.

#1. Ultimates Vol. 2 #13-Yikes! Was it worth the wait? I think so. In fact, hell yeah! I'm not a big Mark Millar guy but this is just big and loud. nice wrap up to the series which i will now drop before Jeph Loeb ruins it and Joe Mad proves he shouldn't be on comics ever since the Battle Chaser fiasco.

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