Sunday, May 13, 2007


Well, lately I've been hunting OSTs(original soundtracks) to anime. I got the, majority of the Cowboy Bebop stuff minus the best of and things of the limited edition box set. But that's still three albums, one soundtrack to the movie, to EPs and a singles disc. I still need to listen to my Iria: Zerim the Animation OST I downloaded months back. Working on Dirty Pair right now. the good Dirty Pair not that Flash crap. Got the Project Eden soundtrack as well as Love Songs and Synthesizer Fantasy's. Working on TV and OVA soundtracks now. Just ordered Excel Saga however it would seem the Amazon, and merchant seller, confirmations haven't come in yet. Which worries me. But its Amazon, they are usually good about things and its under my order history finally. I need to get some Ranma 1/2 soundtracks next. Surprisingly torrents for such are hard to find.

Got both OSTs for Grindhouse and just worked out my own special tracklisting. Also got a new Death Proof wallet. Bit smaller then my last more bland one, but it's leather and has a chain.

Ultimates 2 313 and All Star Batman & Robin #5 come out this week. Truly the end times is near.

Speaking of End Times I caught the two Banned from the Bible shows from the History Channel. good stuff though I know little about the Bible in general. Didn't pay much attention in church. But History Channel is an awesome station.

My own writings been slow due to the fact I'm too cheap to get my modem fixed so I have to rely on a friend. I got 4 scripts of a new story sent back to me, have to do two more than i was going to condense it into 4-5 scripts. Need to hop on that though I'm seeing my friend a tad bit less so it's taking longer. Plus after 50 scripts of my other story, yeah-burnt out.

Ring of Honor filmed their PPV last night and had a show friday. Mixed on what I've read but I will support them by picking up the PPV.

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