Friday, April 13, 2007

Quick Hits-April 13, 2007

Grindhouse ****
Nudity, violence, and over-the-top imagery. It's raunchy spectacle that I believe is much needed in the stale landscape of Hollywood. Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror about a gas that turns people into zombies and the motley crew fighting them is bloody fun. Rose McGowen and Freddy Rodriguez are great. Tarantinos Death Proof is slower paced with more exposition. But the build up for this cross between a serial killer and car flick is very good because when it gets going-damn. Some intense scenes. The fake trailers are amusing, wish they'd put the Canadian only Hobo with a Shotgun on for us US fans. Sadly people don't seem to interested.

Filthiest Show in Town-My Life w/the Thrill Kill Kult ***1/2
TKKs first studio album since 2001, not counting the previously unreleased gay, Black & Married, takes their usual style and pumps it up with something new. That's right, lyrics of sex, drugs, and sleaze over funky beats is still here but the R&B influence of their last album has been replaced with elements of jazz. It sounds like what they were aiming for, music for sexploitation flicks. Not one of my fav TKK records but I enjoy it quite a bit and its growing on me more and more every time I listen to it. Though I do wish it could have went a few more tracks. Fav songs include Jet Set Sex, TV Sista, and Jive Ass Ave.

Secrets From the Future-MC Frontalot ***
Nerdcore MC supreme Frontalot returns with his sophomore album. Rapping about hatting blogs, comic shops, and role playing games amongst more topics. Dips into controversial territory with his Origin of Species song rapping tongue-n-cheek as a preacher over a sort of country influenced beat. Fun stuff on this record though I think I like his previous release more. Especially as it had Goth Girls and Pron Song. This record, like the last, takes early demos and Song Fight contenders(here on his site and ) and reworks them for this album and I prefer the originals. though Romantic Cheapskate v2.0 is pretty good. Definitely bumping the title trackBizarro Genius Baby.

The Loners #1 **1/2
Allow me to disagree with some of the praise this book is receiving online. These spin off of Runaways is about a self help group for former superheros. In the aftermath of MARVELS INCREDIBLY BIG STATUS QUO CHANGING EVENT THAT ONLY IDIOTS WHO WILL AVOID, such as myself, things are rougher on the spandex clad set of Marvel U. We got Turbo, Nighthawk, Green Goblin(the good one), Spider-Woman 3? And some others. Very dialogue heavy at first and I felt CB Cebulski was laying on the emotion a little thick in places. Didn't really do much for me but admittedly I only know Phil Urich all that well and the other characters from their previous Runaways appearance. Karl Molines artwork was cool until the super-heroics and then the angles, perspective and anatomy looked weird. Plus the lack of background and the speedlines in the fight scenes come off as pretty lousy in my opinion. Interesting story developing though so I'll give it another issue or two.

All Star Superman #7 *****
My favorite comic is back on the stands!It's the invasion of the Bizarros as Bizarro World appears from the underverse and they invade Earth replicating into Bizarro versions of people at a touch. So obviously it's up to Superman to save the day. With a suggestion from Jimmy Olsen, coolest man on the planet, and a kiss to Lois Lane, who Frank Quitely draws elegantly, he's off to the Bizarro World to enact the plan. This is Morrison writing so you know it just doesn't end that simply. Morrison pulls out an ace up his sleeve and gives a nice twist that just rocks very hard. Frank Quitely is at the top of his game as always and All Star Superman is just the best damn book I'm reading.


Chikara Presents Cibernetico Forever ***
The third annual Torneo Cibernetico show from Chikara. I picked this older DVD up for two reasons: that slamming take on Kevn Maguires iconic Justice League cover and the idea of a 16 man elimination tag match. The under cards decent with Worker Ant making his first appearance to join the Colony. as well as Crossbones joining the Order of the Neo Solar Temple. The real meat is the Cibernetico. 8 vs. 8 with each team captain putting together a batting order. One man in the ring for each team, one on the apron, and then the rest on the floor in order. Switching based on tags or eliminations. but here's the twist, even a team loses there still can only be a single wrestler to win so the team mates engage in a gauntlet match. This nearly hour long match starts with the wrestlers becoming familiar with the other team and builds. Hero, Castignoli, Quackenbush, Cheech, Cloudy and Hallowicked definitely are the strongest but the Thomaselli Bros., Eddie Kingston, and Icarus step it up in my opinion. Good, fun, entertaining luche libre inspired comic book zaniness fun.

I'll have full review on the two new releases from Chikara next week. I'll only review older wrestling DVDs this way.

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