Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chikara Reviews for Shows 3/24-3/25/07

Best Imitation of Myself ***

Mostly solid show front to back.

High light match would a ***1/2 match between Chris Hero and Hallowicked. Hero has quickly become one of my favorite wrestlers while Hallowicked impresses me more and more. Hero, fresh back from NOAH in Japan, takes on Wicked. Hallowicked tried winning early but after the third school boy roll up attempt Hero stomps down in his head. Hallowicked attacks the behind and Hero makes it work, Nice sequence on the floor with Hallowicked flipping out from a pick up and nailing a yakuza kick. Hero responds in kind after dodging a whip. Hero wins with roaring elbow/cravate suplex/standing moonssault combo. he lands head first in Hallowicked chest.

Claudio Castignoli and Eddie Kingston was the best of the *** star matches(about, second best on the show. I like Claudio more and more but I was really impressed with Eddie Kingston whose turned me into a fan with this and the next show. Very hard hitting affair. One of the only heavyweight type matches I've seen in Chikara. Hard strikes and suplexes. Eddie taps out to an ankle lock as he had just returned from surgery.

The Campeonjas De Parajes(sp?) match was good. The first two falls had a nice story with Jigsaw and Shane Storm, the challengers, getting the first pin fall in a minute. Icarus eliminates Jigsaw so him and Akuma can work over Shane Storm. The match sort of falls apart in the final fall. It should have been longer and the ending spot came off sloppy. Still a good match. ***

Overall a good card. Some matches were too short and others exposed the inexperience and "greeness" of certain wrestlers. But still an entertianing show.

Time Will prove Everything ***3/4

Probably on par with king of trios Night 3 as my fav Chikara DVD. Seeing as it was missing many of my fav Chikara faces I was surprised.

Hot ***1/2 opener as 'Well Mannered' Billy Rocs Chikara try out/debut continues and he takes on Chuck Taylor who has quickly become one of Chikaras best heels and most entertaining personalities. The two click for apparently their only second meeting. Lots of nice luche armdrags including one crazy one where he starts out on top Taylros shoulder. Roc's natural baby face is such a surprise as he tricks Taylor into a few hand shakes. Taylor nails his beautiful kick/jaw breaker. They even tease the "face checking on heel-heel steals victory" angle but Roc escapes. Taylor wins with his brutal omega driver.

The second best match would be the 8 man tag of Blck Out vs. Hallowicked & the Colony. Blck Out seem out of place in Chikara with their thug-like persona's but they are entertaining. Eddie Kingston and Joker bring the power while Sabian and Ruckus bring the high flying. The Colony(three Ants) and Hallowicked seem to be on the defensive most the match taking bumps. Hot ending with a quick roll up by Wicked to win and Kingston apparently turning heel. ***1/2

My favorite match is another Chris Hero match this time with Ricochet. Ricochet and Claudio Castignoli have my all time favorite Chikara match from King of Trios. This one isn't as good because Hero exposes some of Ricochets flaws and a couple stalling bits. But its still intense as Hero is a great heel and brutalizes Rocochet for a lot of the match. Nice piece in the middle where they tease flying moves to the outside but Hero gets the jump on ricochet with a mean boot. Hero does a mean liontamer/texas cloverleadf while stand on one of Ricochets hands. Well put together and Ricochet looks tough while Hero looks like gold.

other fun matches on this disc with the only real disappointment being Siceodellico Jr. & Lince Dorado vs. Team FIST.

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