Monday, December 4, 2006


This woman is pure evil.

You know, I had thought it was all coincidence until a mysterious email crashed my computer several months ago. I finally got it looked at and what I was told was it was sent by a certain person under the alias of YABS. We'll, I knew who that was... is... Gail Simone. "Comic book" writer.

You see I met Gail Simone briefly waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1999. Same year she started up You'll All be Sorry column for Comic Book Resources. I mentioned I liked her column and she admitted to me she was running out of ideas so I suggested making fun of the upcoming Black Bull comic company and she did in her column on November 22, 1999. But since then strange things have happened.

You see, I use to be a fan fiction writer and submitted a script eerily similar to one Gail Simone wrote in the pages of Deadpool about Rhino being shrunk down to key chain size. Of course, my computer suffered a virus soon before and that side was taking down at the hands of a comic company. I thought it was coincidence, but then again...

Now, I ran into former DC editor of Birds of Prey Lisa Hawkins once at San Diego Comic Con and threw some ideas out for Birds of Prey progressed little things annoyed me. Inclusion of Lady Shiva in the second arc tying her and as they were looking for a new writer but being that I was a nobody it didn't go through. Understandable. But Gail Simone got the job and used a character that was quite similar to one I had initially suggested in my pitch. Though i didn't name him Savant, I did have a super-extortionist in the original pitch. But it was only one thing, great minds think a like much like the title of that arc Of Like Minds. But as the seires continued there was a story with Black Canary and Lady Shiva working together as they both had the same former mentor. Or even Huntress going deep cover with the mob. Small bits yes, but very reminiscent of what I had hoped to do. Now, this wouldn't bother me but a few weeks ago I heard that Gail's original pitch didn't make the cut, yet she still got the job. Hmmm...

Now I can't take credit for everything she's done but the fact that Catman but I got the revitalize about a few months after Identity Crisis catches me as strange as I was corresponding with an artist friend about bring the character back in a super cool fashion. Also, i find it strange that a new Gen 13 is out and about. Though not suing any of my ideas I had suggested to Scott Dunbier I clearly remember Gail briefly mentioning she never cared for the property.

This is obviously a huge plot against me and I will not stand by and take it. I declare war on Gail Simone. WAR I SAY!

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