Thursday, March 21, 2013

Part 2 | The Guard HQ

Part 2 | The Guard HQ

The Guard-Web Fiction

Part 2

by CM Towns

   Araminta’s eyes fluttered open and close. She felt light, comfortable under sheets, dreaming of dreaming. Finally a shock of memory came rushing back and she popped up-smacking her already hurt head into the bunk above. She groaned in pain, rubbed the top and looked up then she looked around. Araminta was in a room with a couple dressers, a closet, a nightstand by the bed she laid, and a bookcase by the metal door with no handle. There was a type of electronic lock to its side and Araminta got nervous that she had been abducted.
   Her mind raced back to the attack at the school, Reina Titán coming to her rescue only to leave her and-“I must’ve gotten hit,” she said aloud.
   Araminta got up and was surprised by the cold tiled floor. She than noticed she was wearing PJ’s. Rather plain ones but another disturbing thought came to mind of being undressed by perverts. A shiver ran up her spine, she grabbed herself and looked at the door.
   What am I gonna do? Raced inside her head. A sense of nauseousness came up from her stomach into her throat but she fought it down as a the pounding of fear slammed the walls inside her head.

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