Saturday, December 18, 2010

November Favorites 2010

Here it is...

6. X-Men #5-Vampires vs. Mutants! Epicness! Plus Cyclops once again proves why he runs the whole mutant business by making Wolverine bait! And Wolverine didn't see it coming!

5. Deadpool: Wade Wilsons War HC-A twisted Deadpool story about the notorious Wade Wilson on trial and makes you question is Deadpool who he says he is or is he just a crazy guy who thinks his a super mercenary. Plus Jason Pearson's art is awesome.

4. Batman & Robin #16-Batman shows up in time to help out Batman and Robin. yeah, that's what went down.

3. Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #6-Another of 4 Grant Morrison Batman books that happened last month. This one is the conclusion of Bruce Wayne s return to the present time. I really like how Morrison writes Wonder Woman in this. Yeah, I'm bias...

2. Teen Titans #89-Damian Wayne is officially the second best Robin behind the original Dick Grayson(formerly Nightwing and currently Batman. There's two!). Here Robin teams with the Teen Titans and things get a little screwed up in the end because of him. Nicola Scott's art is damn good.

1. Batman Incorporated #1-Grant Morrison presents the batman initiative, aka Batman Inc. Batmen for every nation. Dick Graysons got Gotham locked down so Bruce and Catwoman go to japan to recruit Mr. unknown and give him backing only to show up and find out he's dead at the hands of Lord Death Man. A character created for the Japanese Batman manga based on a little known Batman villain(The Japanese added the Lord to his name). Hentai tentacle jokes included!

Other Morrison books were the good Batman: The Return where Batman explains his plans. The final volume of his JLA collection, and the Absolute All Star Superman book which is mammoth. Oh yeah...

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