Sunday, November 21, 2010

Marvel Solicits for February 2011 & Beyond

1-Ozma of Oz is half way done on the same month that Fables introduces the character into their universe. Thank you public domain!

2-Iron Man 2.0? Invincible Iron Man 500.1? Amazing Spider-Man #654.1? Wolverine #5.1? Wha-? Well, I'm not reading the books so whatever.

3-Oh no! Being Spider-Man is really hard! Yeah... I don't read Spider-Man comics but don't they do that big serious type story once every four years since Clone Saga? This is why I don't read Spidey.

4-DAREDEVIL: REBORN!!! Funny, I barely noticed he was gone. I mean, what? Its been like three months?

5-Unless Luke Cage is Power Man I couldn't give a damn.

6-I'm confused... A good Greg Land image? Maybe its just the background or the lack of similar looking females but this is pretty nice.

7-Now that's the Greg Land I know and detest! You had me worried for a minute.

8-New X-Factor trade! Might get that Avengers: West Coast. Maybe X-Men First Class. Between the 40 dollar Justice League: Generation Lost and the Stumptown collection as well as a new Dr. McNinja and at least one manga I might need to drop something.

9-Cover Time!

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