Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October Comic Order

PREVIEWS #267 DECEMBER 2010 (Net)-Sweet previews. To help me find indy titles and merch to spend money on.

BATMAN INC #2-Its Grant Morrison and Batman so I'm expecting to like it. plus, i dig this cover.

BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT #2-Hmmm... is all I got until I read an issue.

BATMAN AND ROBIN #18-Hmmm... is all I got about the creative team until I check an issue out.

KNIGHT & SQUIRE #3 (OF 6)-Hmmmm... is all I got on this mini series but it starts(or started) this month so I'll know in a few weeks.

BIRDS OF PREY #7-Death of Oracle? Batmans on the cover? I don't know... plus the last issues artwork was a down point. Still, a little slack for now.

GREEN LANTERN #61-57 just came out and they are soliciting 61 so the book is being a tad bit late. Oh well. I'm still reading it.

TEEN TITANS #90-Hmmm.... a lot of that going around on this list.

ZATANNA #8-I approve of Cliif Chiant doing fill-in artwork. Because he does good work.

JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL TP VOL 05-Why this is not in hardcover baffles me. Oh well... I'll finally get to read some Justice League Europe stories.

SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY HC VOL 02-Collects the last half of the Seven Soldiers opus. Hopefully they will wait a decade before the inevitable Absolute edition.

TINY TITANS #35-A multiple earths story? Awww yeah...

JACK OF FABLES TP VOL 08 THE FULMINATE BLADE TP (MR)-This series got good. But not good enough for single issue purchases.

MORNING GLORIES #5-Still unsure about this one.

X-MEN #6-Its been odd but rather amusing.

DEADPOOLMAX #3 (MR)-A little more Hmmm.


GENERATION X CLASSIC TP VOL 01-Definitely yay. in fact, about fucking time.

VAMPIRELLA #2-her costume is too important not to have. I give it six issues before its back. Meanwhile... Here and Here for a great write up on Jose Gonzalez and his work on Vampirella.

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