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WWE & Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson: Realism or Just Real?

Haven't spoken much about wrestling lately. Between the few DVDs I buy and my only casual watching of the programs I hadn't been to much into whats going on but Monday the "rookies" of WWE's NXT season 1 attacked WWE's top draw in John Cena, as well as the heels CM Punk's SES and various announcers and rung crew as well as demolishing the ring. Pretty intense stuff. All to build NXT "winner" Wade Barret as well as Daniel Bryan(real name Bryan Danielson) and the other NXT guys. Big angle, rave reviews online.

Friday night, Bryan Danielson was released from WWE. This was a shock. despite only a few months in the company WWE had started a couple major angles with the 10 year indy superstar. The first opinion is that its a "work". An angle payed to look real but is scripted but problems come from a few facts.

1)Techncially Wade Barrett, story wise, is the only contracted of the NXT rookies. The others are suppose to be "invaders."
2)The officialism of the statement. The release credited his WWE name and real name and usually if someones fired online and not TV it's real.
3)The footage of the assault was edited to remove certain scenes with Danielson including the one he's being cited for, choking the ring announcer with his tie which is against their new PG look. This leads to why it feels like a work...

1)Choking someone with a weapon is not new in WWE.
2)Why announce on Friday when he still showed up at various taping and he teamed with NXT worker Heath Slater on Wednesday at an FCW show to promote the angle?
3)He changed his account on twitter but quoted fellow NXT rookie, and winner, current phrase: The winds of change are stirring. I doubt returning to the indys is much of a change since he'd only been signed for about half a year.
4)The fact he was playing a big part and let go on a small thing he should have just gotten a warning from.

Word traveling is that it was pro-wrestler and McMahons son-in-law Tiple H. I take this with a grain of salt but...

We can now confirm that our earlier info on Triple H being responsible for the firing of Bryan Danielson is indeed correct. Our source tells us that while watching Justin Roberts being choked by his own tie Triple H’s children became frightened and burst into tears.

Despite the incident being planned as part of the NXT rookie invasion, the sight of his children’s tears drove Triple H to action. The next day, Triple H confronted Danielson during the Smackdown! tapings and the two had to be torn away from each other. Triple H put a stop to another invasion that was planned for SD for fear of further scaring his kids and them having sleepless nights which would “ruin his weekend” in the words of our source. Triple H then told our source that he wanted Danielson out of the company as soon as possible and convinced Vince to finally terminate his contract.

Upon being told of his release Danielson stormed out of the building in a rage and spat on Eve Torres who had the misfortune of being near Danielson when he began to rage. The general locker room feeling is that Bryan’s firing was brought about solely from Triple H. Vince was reportedly disappointed that he had to release Bryan due to his involvement with such a large angle and this release has scuppered a lot of Creative’s plans.

Problem with this is Smackdown tapes Tuesday and Danielson wrestled Wedensday plus the angle was Monday night. Seems a little weird timeline wise before a firing. The one I can believe is being in part reported my Dave Meltzer. This is a quote from a person listening to Meltzers update I assume. i don't have an F4 subscription so i have to rely on others reporting this...

Listening to audio report just now with Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez. Meltzer is saying he was told that there was "no logic" to the decision. The call came from Vince but he was pressured into it by someone from outside of the company who is very important to them. Danielson is supposedly now looking for Indy dates. Still has 90 day no compete clause. Internally people were saying "we just handed TNA a main eventer in 90 days" but Danielson was told by WWE that he will be able to be back with them in the future.

Says that in theory it COULD still be a work but if it is then they are working the entire company (including office guys like Marketing) which would't make much sense.

Says that currently there is a "much bigger situation going on with a much bigger name that would just boggle your mind."

With Linda McMahon, Vince's wife, running for senate I can see that this angles "realism" making her partners, associates concern. I can sort of buy that.

The question comes down to this, did a talented man get fired because of company image even though he was doing something he probably went over with the company? Or is this the most realistic storyline WWE has produced and with someone with little time in the company?

It definitely got the internet wrestling community buzzing loud. Forum posts and youtube wrestling fans uploading videos angry at the WWE. I'm interested in seeing what is going to happen with one of my fav wrestlers.

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Lulu--Back in Town said...


It seems to me if they edited out the footage he's being sacked for, they're more serious about it. If they were meaning to work it, I'd think they'd have left it in to create more buzz and be more sensationalistic.

Although, then again, if they are really concerned about the footage but also want a chance to work this so that he comes back, they'd leave it out.