Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tenative Mail Order Comics Order for July(and Beyond)

PREVIEWS #262 JULY 2010 (Net)-Yep...

HELLCYON #4 (OF 4)-I didn't actually read issue one but the pictures were pretty.


GREEN LANTERN #56-Um, where is Cowgirl?

BIRDS OF PREY #3-Looking forward to issue 1.

BATMAN #701-On it for the Morrison arc.

BATMAN RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #4 (OF 6)-Morrison writing Batman here. Can't wait for the first two issues.

BATMAN AND ROBIN #14-Damn, Morrison loves him some Batman. Though websites have kinda ruined this months issue for me.

GOTHAM CITY SIRENS #14-This will be apparently become issue #15 according to the early solicits posted. So filler issue here?

FIRST WAVE #4 (OF 6)-Liked issue one and can't wait for issue 2.

ZATANNA #3-Looking forward to issue 1.

WONDER WOMAN #601-The JMS/Don Kramer era has arrived. I'm a little worried.

TINY TITANS #30-Aw yay! Tiny Titans!

CINDERELLA FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE TP (MR)-Not by Bill Willingham but I'm interested.

JOE THE BARBARIAN #7 (OF 8) (MR)-Morrison written but I'm not quite feeling it. Though the arts pretty.

HACK SLASH OMNIBUS TP VOL 02 (IMAGE ED) (MR)-Last time I said I was going for volume 3 but after looking at Amazon I found out there were several various trades and Omnibus'. The third one should be out in November.

AVENGERS CHILDRENS CRUSADE #1 (OF 9)-After failing Wonder Woman Heinberg gets back to the one thing he does well, Young Avengers. Was thinking of buying the big trade but found my YA issues.

BLACK WIDOW #4-Pretty art. Meh story.

X-MEN #1-Been in need of some X-Men so I'll try this.

NAOKI URASAWA 20TH CENTURY BOYS GN VOL 10-Still waiting on Viz to release Volume 8.

No Fables issue this month. Damn...

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