Wednesday, May 19, 2010

About Magneto

Some Magneto Top Stories Countdown has gotten some back and forth over Morrisons Planet X story. Heres a couple of cool comments I liked.

I love the Magneto apologists.
He's been a genocidal maniac since his creation. Deal with it.

Planet X is an awesome Magneto story. The way it pisses the idiots off only adds to its awesomeness.

Saying that "Planet X" wasn't about Magneto is like saying the Dark Phoenix Saga wasn't about Jean Grey because the Phoenix had taken her place. Whether it's Magneto or Xorn in disguise, "Planet X" was all ABOUT Magneto. It's Grant Morrison exploring what the character means to him. In his words: "What people often forget, of course, is that Magneto, unlike the lovely Sir Ian McKellen, is a mad old terrorist twat. No matter how he justifies his stupid, brutal behaviour, or how anyone else tries to justify it, in the end he's just an old bastard with daft, old ideas based on violence and coercion."

I gave up on the X-Men when Psylocke turned Japanese. Reading these comments, I am more certain than ever that I made the right move.

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