Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010!!! Two More Years to the End Times!!!

Yo. Back again. Quick updates.

Finished the third draft of my novel. need to do fourth draft. This would be faster if I had a new computer. get on that Carl!!!

Read the Fables novel and a cool book called Badass! By the guy who runs the side Badass of the Week. Both were entertaining reads. Also reread Red Planet and I hate to say this, but the edited version is less boring. Still a well thought out science fiction book from master Robert a. Heinlein.

Read a lot of comics. Okay, several comic books. Same old, same old. Though I did read all the Buffy Season 8 trades. Its okay, prefer it as a series.

Which I now have all of on DVD! Whoooo! As well as several other TV series, anime, and movies. including Duck Tales! Yes, i am buying my youth back.

Movies? Nothing worth noting really. Got a stack of bootlegs-er... a list of films I need to see. yeah, that's it.

Christmas was cool. Family and all. Did nothing for New Years.

I have, because I am a geek, started the Wonder Woman screenplay as its currently abandoned project right now. Wrote my opening which is... okay. However I give myself points on the amount of actual comic bits I used. In case you're wondering, it's the Contest. Which would work better in a visual sense than as a written piece sense it sort of just mentions the challenges and then gives Diana the weapons and sends her off.

Maybe I'll post it.

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